Visual Arts
Contemporary Edge, Rural Context
Artsreach organises a varied programme of touring visual art exhibitions which circulate to village halls, rural galleries, and other venues throughout Dorset. Among the main strands of the touring programme are contemporary craft shows, thematic exhibitions bringing together contemporary and traditional work and collaborations with national and regional artists. In addition to our touring exhibitions, we also manage a range of visual arts projects and residencies working with community groups and artists throughout rural Dorset.
What's Happening Now?
Current Exhibitions
The Land Felt project has seen 4 community groups meet during the autumn, with all participants learning to felt using wool dyed from plants growing in the South Dorset Ridgeway area. Each group has created a piece inspired by the SDR, reflecting the cultural heritage and stories of the area. This work will be exhibited at three village halls this spring. For further details, click Land Felt under the Exhibitions menu on the left.
Current Projects
Land Felt is a project which has been organized by Artsreach and has focused on using local fleece, dyed from extracts found in plants growing on the South Dorset Ridgeway, to make felt and create objects that reflect some of the rich cultural heritage/myths and legends of the region.

For more information click Land Felt under the Projects menu to the left.
Visit www.southdorsetridgeway.org.uk for more information on the Heritage Lottery Grant and the South Dorset Ridgeway Partnership.